The Buddy Blue Photo Archive

The Buddy Blue Band

Balboa Park, San Diego, California

June 7, 1998

The Buddy Blue Band sometimes came out into the light of day, for example entertaining the tourists in Balboa Park, with Romy Kaye, Sweetlips Mysterioso, Jeff "Stinky" Aafedt, Eddie Croft and Todd Hilton. Buddy Balboa

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band10 band11 band12 band5
band6 band9 bbtod1 buddy30
buddy38 buddy41 edsl2 stinky30

anandy1 annie4 annie5 band7 bbtod3 bbtod4
buddy28 buddy29 buddy32 buddy33 buddy34 buddy37
buddy39 buddy40 buddy42 buddy43 buddy44 eddie10
eddie11 eddie12 eddie13a eddie14 eddie5 eddie7
edsl1 romy21a romy22 romy23 romy24 romy26
romy27 romy28 sl1 sl10 sl11 sl5
sl6 sl7 sl8 sl9 stinky23 stinky24
stinky26 stinky27 stinky28 stinky29 stinky32 stinky33
stinky34 stinky35 stinky36 stinky37 stinky38 stinky39
stinky40 stinky41 stinky42 stinky43 stinky44 stinky45
stinky46 stinky47 stinky48 stintod3 stintod5 stintod6
stintod7 stintod8 todd15 todd16 todd17 todd18
todd20 todd21 todd22 todd24 todd25 todd26

Photos by Tim Ames