The Buddy Blue Photo Archive

The Buddy Blue Band

Pete's Place, La Mesa, California

April 27, 2002

The Buddy Blue Band was at its peak for this show, with Jerry Rig, Pete Bogle, Sweetlips Mysterioso, Bruce Gilbert, and "The Mammalicious Romy Kaye" as Buddy called her. Buddy and Romy

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bbjerry2 bbromy23 bbromy24 bbromy25
bbromy26 bbromy27 bbromy28 bruce1
bruce2 bruce3 bruce5 bruce6
bruce8 buddy77 buddy78 buddy79
buddy86 gina1 jerry17 jerry18
john1 pete37 pete38 pete39
pplace9 romy92 romy93 sl25
sl26 sl28 sully1 sully2

bbjerry1 bruce4 buddy76 buddy80 buddy81 buddy82
buddy83 buddy84 buddy85 buddy87 charlie1 charlie2
jerry15 jerry16 jerry19 jerry20 pete36 romy87
romy88 romy89 romy90 romy91 romy94 romy95
sl24 sl27

Photos by Tim Ames